About Us

Namaste, Bonjour, Anneyonghaseyo! Welcome to Covero Palette! Glad you want to know about us :D

I bet there was a time in your life when you were thinking “Ah…I wish I could find a good t-shirt that said ‘Keep Calm and Shop at Covero Palette’. ”, ..No? Just me? 

Alright FINE but you have to agree if you are here, you definitely are looking for the design you desire which will make you and your aesthetic feel complete. Well, Say no more! We at Covero Palette aspire to make this wish of yours come true ;)

Covero Palette is a Fashion and Lifestyle Custom Apparel Store showcasing youthful, chic, and trendy designs for your everyday fashion, comfort, and lifestyle. And guess what??? We are based proudly in India! *Celebration emoji*


Why are we here?

I read somewhere that it would be good if people had a 1-minute preview video about themselves so that people knew what they were getting themselves into... lol. Well, maybe that will be possible one day? But as for today, we can agree with the opinion that our clothes do half of the work for us in this case. 

‘How a person chooses to look says a lot about them.’ …Sure, but what’s so different about us? “Comfort” is our forte. People tend to be more honest when they are comfortable. So, isn’t it more like ‘People’s comfort fashion is what really says a lot about them’? Not just that, your aesthetic sets your aura. 

Anything that makes a part of your personality and your pretty little world, whether you are a music addict, an anime or k-drama lover, can’t get over American sitcoms, a tech enthusiast, etc., we got it all here! Looking for apparel that says “K-POP all day, K-DRAMA all night”, or “Bella Ciao”, or the classic “PIVOT!”, just ask us! Covero Palette fashions these thoughts and aims to become that puzzle piece in your life.


Hence our tagline is:


‘Be like Sheldon Cooper’


Nah Joking, it’s actually:


‘Don’t dress like Steve Jobs'


Joking again, it is none other than what we preach:

‘Wear your own Aesthetic’

Alright, it’s story time people! If you read it till here, you are clearly either doing nothing and are bored or you are really devoted to spying on us or maybe you really are curious about us, so might as well keep reading. ;)


How it all started?

Once upon a time some kid tired of studying and terrified of upcoming exams looked up at the sky and said “I hope some disaster takes place and our exams get cancelled…”. Little did the kid know, for once, that nature WILL grant that wish. A pandemic broke out, the world went into lockdown, exams began to cancel, “Corona” became the trendiest word online and offline and like most of the college students, 6 people in their late teens started losing their fun college years stuck in their rooms. 

There’s a common saying, “College mai aake par lag jaate hain.” (People get wings after getting into college) …. well…now we can’t fly in our rooms, can we? So, we decided to fly online. We initiated with a noble step, chose the product which didn’t just become a demand but a need, Face Masks

Keeping the quality and fashion in mind was a task, but we succeeded to make beautiful 3-Layered Face Masks and won the heart of our customers. This was our first step in becoming a part of the backbone of the economy. We definitely aimed to play a bigger part because we loved it so much, hence we took a bigger step… We decided to launch an online Indian store. 

 This time we had our army with us, our team grew bigger, more talent joined us to make our dream their dream and we took off on an amazing journey of experiments and challenges and most importantly enjoying doing what we love.


What is our Aim?

To make you SUIT UP!!!! *Sunglasses emoji*

In other words, 

Our main aim is only and only, 100% customer satisfaction. In STYLE!

Widening our scope of products with the scope of public demand, Covero Palette aims to make available as many diverse and beautiful designs to the Indian youth as desired. Don’t you hate having to pay a ridiculous amount of custom and shipping costs to get your favourite designs? Trust us, we hate that too. By making them available to you within the country and to your doorstep, we at Covero Palette are willing to embrace our audience and their diverse flavours in apparel. 


What do we do here?

First, we research. Dig deep, for desired trends, understand which design you so badly want but end up saying “Ugh, it would’ve looked SO cool, I’m not getting the way I want it anywhere.” We got your back! (Don’t believe us? Go check out our 150+ options ;))

Then comes the second step: designs. We unleash our creativity here and try our best to tailor suit it to your favorite aesthetics.

Last but not the least, your favorite part, wait for it: selling! We make our irresistible design options so affordable; you can stop looking at the price tag repeatedly while shopping, at least on THIS store ;)

In case you’re still unsatisfied, we have another option: help you design your own merchandise with our super talented design team having our back. So, if your brand wants their personal merchandise or you and your friends just want to wear t-shirts that spell “G-E-E-K-S”, HIT US UP! You are very much welcome.

I guess you’ve known a great deal about us, how about we do it the other way around? Go on, tell us YOUR kinda style, YOUR kinda vibe, what makes you feel comfortable?

Enjoy Safe and Secured Online Shopping and Fashion your own aesthetic with Covero Palette.

Thank You for showing interest in us and feel free to contact us anytime, we promise we won’t make you wait much.

B-bye! :)